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Program Overview

CARE (Claim Allowance for Relocation Expenses) in Montana is a new healthcare workforce recruitment program launched by Governor Greg Gianforte earlier this year that enables participating employers to offer new health care employees relocating to Montana from out of state reimbursement of up to $12,500 for moving expenses, plus an additional 35% to offset taxes associated with the reimbursement amount.


Healthcare workers who work in nearly 80 different types of jobs and who don’t currently live in Montana are eligible for the relocation incentive. An employee is eligible for reimbursement if they accept an offer of employment for a qualifying, pre-approved healthcare job, move to Montana, and begin work.


Employers wishing to utilize the program must submit an application to the Department of Labor & Industry before making a hire. Healthcare businesses can submit an application, which includes details about the positions they hope to fill, by visiting and clicking on “Governor’s Health Care Workforce Recruitment Program – ARPA”.

Once an application submitted by an employer is approved, the employer may recruit and hire for the position(s). The position will be listed on this site and advertised to health care professionals around the country. Once the employee relocates to Montana and begins work, they can submit their receipts for eligible expenses for reimbursement.


The application process is as easy as applying for any other job. Candidates can browse job listings and apply to positions that fit their skills. The jobs on this site are pre-approved for reimbursement. Once the candidate is hired, moves to Montana and begins work, the employee submits relocation expense receipts to the employer, and the employer takes care of the rest.


Program participants receive up to $12,500 for eligible moving expenses, plus an additional 35% to offset taxes associated with the reimbursement.


For more information about the program, of if you have questions, contact DLIHCWR@MT.Gov.

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